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Cirkeline: Storbyens Mus

Cirkeline: Storbyens Mus (1998) afişi Facebook'ta Paylaş
4.8 / 10
1 oy

1998 - Danimarka


122 Dak.

Hanne Hastrup

Cirkeline: Storbyens Mus Film Konusu

Circleen is a little cardboards figure who sleeps in a matchbox on her creator’s drawing table. One day, the little elf moves to town with her friends Ingolf and Fredrik. There, they meet Sisse, a mouse who knows all the urban secrets and lives with her granddad and her kid brother Viktor on a ship in the harbour. And then there is Hassan, a Turkish mouse, and his family. Sisse shows her new pals the city, riding around in a rollerskate, a motorbike, a toy plane and a railway train. But the city has its dangers, specially down in the sewers...

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