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Kyôshoku Sôkô Guyver: Kikaku Gaihin

Kyôshoku Sôkô Guyver: Kikaku Gaihin (1986) afişi Facebook'ta Paylaş
7.2 / 10
2 oy

1986 - Japonya


55 Dak.

Yoshiki Takaya

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Film Özeti

High school student Sho happens to come across a mysterious metal object that causes his body to become enveloped in a weapon-encrusted suit of armor, changing him into a being called The Guyver. The Chronos corporation, creators of the Guyver armor and an army of mutant soldiers called Zoanoids, will stop at nothing to get their secret product back, and begin murdering people close to Sho in order to bring him out of hiding. Meanwhile, the head Chronos' security has aquired a Guyver suit of her own, and is planning to hunt Sho down herself

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