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Lapsus (2007) afişi Facebook'ta Paylaş
4.6 / 10
3 oy

2007 - Arjantin


183 Dak.

Juan Pablo Zaramella

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Lapsus Film Konusu

It's amazing how simple ideas have a greater capacity to engage audiences. That is if they are really simple with, at the same time, interesting (and many times rather complex) ideas behind them. This is one of those cases. As i write this, i don't know yet the prizes in Cinanima 2007 (where i got to see this short) but it wouldn't surprise me if this little piece got the public award. It's basically an exploration of the possibility to create different images out of similar shapes. The story moves on from the interaction of those images, based on the same pure shapes but which get antagonist meanings, as they pass from the left side of the screen (white) to the right side (black). The humor is born when the director plays with religion in an uncompromising harmless way. Check this, it's a really good experience.

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