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The Monk And The Fish

The Monk And The Fish (1994) afişi Facebook'ta Paylaş
2.0 / 10
1 oy

1994 - Fransa


366 Dak.

Michael Dudok De Wit

The Monk And The Fish Film Konusu

A plump and exuberant monk goes fishing, and a playful fish eludes him. First the monk uses a rod and reel, then a net; over and over, he ends up fish-less and wet. Sleepless, he tries luring the fish at night with a bank of candles. He tries a bow and arrow. The tireless and insouciant fish leads the monk through a viaduct, over irrigated steppes, across cisterns, down canals. Suddenly, the monk's chase and the fish's teasing flight become a spiritual journey.

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