La Blues

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Opening in a Hollywood parking lot on New Years Eve as a crowd gathers around an ambulance as a guy is being loaded in on a gurney, the story is told in flashback by one of the characters to a female detective who comes on the scene of what may have been an attempted suicide and he unravels the story of a year in the lives of 6 guys who hang out in a blues bar in Hollywood, watch sports, trash talk, and bitch about their lives, as they go through problems ranging from construction nightmares to divorce, gambling addiction, alcoholism, child custody fights, and all the headaches and heartaches men go through in the course of their lives. As the story unfolds, the audience is left wondering which one of these guys ended up in the ambulance, and why. The blues soundtrack is true to the nature of the music itself, and to the movie, as it's about heartache and longing, loving and losing, striving and failing...

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Yönetmen: Senaryo: Ian Gurvitz Yapımcı: Favori: 2 kullanıcının favori filmi Filmi İzleyenler: 2 kullanıcı La Blues filmini izledi Filmi Ekleyen: whisper

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