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Henri Storck

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Henri Storck


1 Ocak 1907

17 Eylül 1999


Henri Storck (1907, Ostend – September 17, 1999) was a Belgian author, film-maker and documentarist.

In 1933, he directed, with Joris Ivens , Misère au Borinage , a film about the miners in the Borinage area. In 1938, with Andre Thirifays and Pierre Vermeylen , he founded the Royal Belgian Film Archive. He was an actor in two key films of the history of the cinema: Jean Vigo \'s Zéro de conduite (1933) in the role of the priest, and Chantal Akerman \'s Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quay Commercial, 1080 Brussels (1976) in the role of a customer of the prostitute.

Jacqueline Aubenas wrote about him, in her expository work, It\'s been going on for 100 years: a history of the francophone cinema of Belgium :

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