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Cariba Heine

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Cariba Heine

Güney Afrika

1 Ocak 1988


Cariba Heine was born on October 1, 1988. Cariba was born in South Africa but moved to Australia in 1991 at the age of 3. Cariba\'s mother is the owner of a dance school called Legs. Her early days included dancing at her mother\'s dance school in Canberra. She began dancing at age 8 in her mother\'s dance studio. Both her mother and brother (Kyle) are dancers.

Cariba performed in many stage productions, including a tour in the USA. She is the youngest dancer to perform at the Stargazers Convention in Sydney, Australia. She aimed to become a professional dancer. In high school she trained for 25 hours a week.  After suffering from an injury, Cariba started acting.

In 2005 Cariba, who was 16, appeared on the show

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