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Le Roi Et L'oiseau

Le Roi Et L'oiseau (1984) afişi Facebook'ta Paylaş
3.3 / 10
2 oy

1984 - Fransa


83 Dak.

Hans Christian Andersen

Film Özeti

The huge kingdom of Takicardia is ruled by a king under the unwieldy title of Charles V III = VIII VIII = XVI. He’s a heartless ruler, hated by his people as much as he hates them. The king is fond of hunting, but is unfortunately cross-eyed – not that anyone would dare acknowledge this in front of him, as the numerous statues and paintings that adorn the palace and the land show. Occasionally the king does hit his target though, notably the wife of the bird, known only as "l'Oiseau", the narrator of the story who takes pleasure in taunting the terrible king at every opportunity

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