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Operation Belvis Bash

Operation Belvis Bash (2010) afişi Facebook'ta Paylaş
0.5 / 10
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2010 - ABD


Alexander Lvovsky

Operation Belvis Bash Film Konusu

In a time of delicate political and religious conflict, a struggling rock and roll musician, Belvis Bash (Alexander Lvovsky) is recruited by Major Emile Hickory (Mark Metcalf) of the United States Army to fly to Afghanistan and win the hearts and minds of the Afghani people.
Joined by the outrageous "Jewtastic" comedian, Samuel Stilman (Corey Feldman), an impassioned Afghan drummer, Samir (Walid Amini) and an overworked musical theater actress May (Noel Britton), he embarks upon his futile quest.
To make matters worse, as danger emanates all around at the hands of the infamous terrorist Abdul (The Iron Sheik), Belvis is being upstaged by a musical theater heavy-weight - Alfons Logoluso (Frank Stallone), starring in Major's original production, "Les Miserables: Episode One."
Trusting that his agent Namco Douglas (Daniel Baldwin) will come through for him and with the help of his only fan in Afghanistan,  Hamid (Larry Thomas), Belvis must reach the people before it is too late.
As another night falls on Kabul, will Rock' n Roll shine the beacon of freedom in a land ravaged by darkness when East meets West?

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