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Néa (1976) afişi Facebook'ta Paylaş
7.5 / 10
6 oy

15 Aralık 1978

1976 - FransaAlmanya


103 Dak.

Jean Chapot Nelly Kaplan

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Néa Film Konusu

In Genève, bookseller and publisher Axel Thorpe catches willful, rich 16-year old Sibylle Ashby shoplifting. She brags about her writing, so he challenges her to produce a book. She writes an erotic novel that Thorpe publishes anonymously, and it becomes a best seller. She also tries to capture the love of this 40-year old publisher. When he drops her for her older sister, should she seek revenge or recapture? In subplots, she gets along badly with her sister and her father, and she encourages her mother's affair with dad's sister. Axel has problems too besides the determined Sibylle: he must come to terms with the drowning death of his mother years ago.

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