Tango ile Gelen Aşk

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JC is a prison guard. He is a man without a story, hiding behind rules. He only has one fantasy: Tango dancing. One night, in dance class, JC meets Alice. They dance together.The next day he sees her again in the prison visiting room. First visiting one man, then another...Alice is the wife of two inmates, Fernand and Dominic, whom she follows with her son from prison to prison.The prison rules prohibit the guards from socializing with inmates' family members.For the first time in his life, JC is about to break the rules...

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Yönetmen: Senaryo: Anne Paulicevich Philippe Blasband Yapımcı:  - Favori: 2 kullanıcının favori filmi Filmi İzleyenler: 6 kullanıcı Tango ile Gelen Aşk filmini izledi Filmi Ekleyen: Companero