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Baby Alone


Baby Alone (2002) afişi Facebook'ta Paylaş
6.9 / 10
4 oy

2002 - Güney Kore


107 Dak.

Jong-oh Hong Shin Dong-ywup Yu Dong-un

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Film Özeti

The three best skilled players of the Biryong gymnasium. From the appearance, it looks like a low-class gymnasium, however, it is virtually one of the best gyms ever known. The gym could have trained Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan as students (Of course, this has not been proven yet). The masters of the Biryong gymnasium are Man-su (who was formerly a delivery man of a Chinese restaurant, now 35 years old, and is often called stupid), Pung-ho (formerly a police officer, 38 years old, and is very sneaky) and Jae-seup (formerly a taekwondo national athlete, 30 years old, and whose character seems to be the combination of that of a rag picker and a miser). People say that the gym has no prospects, no future with only three students, but Pung-ho argues that it is because they admit only a few skillful students and teach them the secret but powerful techniques. These three guys who have lived boring and unproductive lives, come to face an unexpected visitor. One day Man-su brings a one-year-old girl Eun-ji. They know nothing about the baby except that she is a girl. She now has physiological problems which is difficult for them to handle. Firstly, she doesn't sleep at night, secondly, she doesn't eat, and thirdly, she doesn't want to go to the bathroom. Therefore, the three guys are about to go mad. The police are planning to bring her to an orphanage. As they themselves was brought up in an orphanage, so they try their best to save the little girl. Although she neither drinks milk nor stops crying and keeps biting even the parts of furniture, she sometimes falls asleep smiling like an angel, which makes them feel happy. Three men don't even care about working at nightclubs to buy milk for the baby. On the other hand, those who killed Eun-ji's parents to overpower the company find out that all the properties were inherited to Eun-ji. They are all trying to find Eun-ji, but three men have no idea about what is going on.

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