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Gagman (1989) afişi Facebook'ta Paylaş
8.0 / 10
1 oy

1989 - Güney Kore


127 Dak.

Myung-se Lee Chang-ho Bae

Gagman Film Konusu

Lee Jong-se (Ahn Sung-ki), a stand-up comedian at a third-rate cabaret, dreams of becoming a movie director. Mun Do-seok (Bae Chang-ho), who owns a barbershop on the outskirts of Seoul, has always fantasized about being an actor. Jong-se offers Do-seok a part in his directorial debut, and Do-seok sells his barbershop to tag along with Jong-se. One day at the movie theatre, Jong-se receives a kiss from a woman who happens to be sitting next to him. The woman, named Oh Seon-yeong (Hwang Shin-hye), is being chased by a group of gangsters. She follows Jong-se to his house, where they are joined by Do-seok, and the three of them bond together to make a movie. While rehearsing his act at the cabaret, Jong-se is handed a gun from a deserting soldier (Sohn Chang-min). When Seon-yeong finds out, she tries to convince him to rob a bank, saying that it takes money to produce a picture. The threesome attempts a bank robbery and end up on the police's wanted list. When an auto mechanic (Kim Se-jun) recognizes them, Do-seok kills him on the spur of the moment. Just as the police are about to catch up with them, Jong-se wakes up. Everything that happened thus far turns out to be a dream he had while dozing in a chair in Do-seok's barbershop.

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