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Rehber (1988) afişi Facebook'ta Paylaş
4.5 / 10
1 oy

1988 - İran


130 Dak.

Masud Kimiai

Rehber Film Konusu

Tehran, 1948. A young Jewish couple, Danial and his wife Munes, decide to immigrate to new-found land, Israel. But they are rejected because of Danial's uncle, Yaghub, is against Zionists activity. A Zionist agent, named Yezghel, finds out Yaghub's home and kill him. One of Yaghub's neighbours is blamed for murder. Under their fright, Munes and Danial escape to north of iran in order to going out of country. Neighbour's brother, Nuri, a journalist, decides to follow them and bring them to the court to give testimony on his brother's innocence. But Yezghel is also personally in search of them. On the other hand, a gang of Zionist gunmen are sent to kill witnesses and Nuri.

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