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Patrick Tull

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Patrick Tull


28 Temmuz 1941

23 Eylül 2006


Patrick Tull (28 July 1941 - September 23, 2006) was a stage, film, and television actor. Tull was born in Sussex, England and was a long term resident of New York City, United States.

Tull is the only person in the world to have recorded the entire Aubrey-Maturin canon of Patrick O'Brian in complete and unabridged form. O’Brian once expressed disapproval of a dramatic rendition of recorded novels (“To revert to my ideal reader: he would avoid obvious emotion, italics and exclamation marks like the plague - trying to put life into flat prose is as useful as flogging a dead horse”[1]). Many of Tull's listeners disagree. His lively dramatization of the characters, especially Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin, and his comprehensive command of the dialects and tenor of the novels endeared him to many O’Brian fans.


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