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Richard Karn

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Richard Karn


17 Şubat 1956


Richard Karn Wilson (born February 17, 1956), better known as Richard Karn, is an American television actor and game show host.

Karn was born in Seattle, Washington. He is best known for his role as Al Borland, the sidekick of Tim Allen's character, on the sitcom Home Improvement (1991–1999), portrayed as a Navy Seabee (in real life, Karn's father, Gene, was a Seabee who served in World War II).

In 2002, Karn replaced Louie Anderson as host of the game show Family Feud. In 2002, Karn also made an appearance in The Strokes' music video for "Someday", which featured segments of the band on a fictional showing of Family Feud against the band Guided by Voices. On October 6, 2008, Karn replaced Patrick Duffy as host of GSN's Bingo America.

Karn is sometimes referred to as "Richard Jr." because he and original Feud host Richard Dawson share the same first name. Karn left Family Feud in 2006 and was replaced by John O'Hurley.


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