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Kidô Senshi Z Gandamu: Hoshi O Tsugu Mono

Kidô Senshi Z Gandamu: Hoshi O Tsugu Mono (2004) afişi Facebook'ta Paylaş
4.0 / 10
1 oy

2004 - Japonya


94 Dak.

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Film Özeti

87 years since the day when mankind first immigrated into space colony along the orbit of Earth, militarism had etched into the corrupting Federal government, once victorious in the One-year War, 7 years ago. In response to this situation, an initially anti-earth collision, A.E.U.G., started its moves. Chaos might be raveled again, and disturb the pseudo-peace of populated solar system, destroy youths and their romance. Heroes and the wise who experienced the One-year War might survive and fight with, or against each other's might, once again.

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