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To The Starry ısland

Geu Seome Gago Shibda

To The Starry ısland (1993) afişi Facebook'ta Paylaş
8.9 / 10
2 oy

1993 - Güney Kore


102 Dak.

Lee Chang-dong Kwang-su Park Chul-woo ım

Film Özeti

On his deathbed, Moon Deok-bae (Moon Sung-keun) tells his son that he wants to be buried on the island where he was born. In accordance with this final wish, Deok-bae's son Jae-gu (Moon Sung-keun) loads the funeral bier onto a boat and heads out to the island. As anticipated by Jae-gu's poet friend Kim Chul (Ahn Sung-ki), the inhabitants of the island object with increasing vehemence the nearer the boat gets to shore, and they are not even permitted to dock. When they finally make it onto the island, Kim Chul reminisces about the four tragically beautiful women in his life and the event that occurred one fateful summer. In 1950, the year that would mark the beginning of the Korean War, motherless Kim Chul is being raised by all the women of his village. He develops a sense of curiosity from observing Jae-gu's mother Nupdodaek, whose husband abandoned her after she became unhinged with the grief of losing her daughter, and Bulttoknyo, whose natural seductiveness has earned her the jealousy of all the neighborhood women. He even meets his mother's spirit by nagging Upsoonne, the village shaman. But the woman who shows him the tenderest dreams and the emptiness of death is the village idiot Oknimi (Shim Hye-jin). On the night the neighborhood women married her off to an old man, Oknimi chased off her husband and played with the children. When Chul was in a coma, it was Oknimi who nursed him at her own breast. Then one day, the island is thrown into turmoil. Armed North Korean soldiers start rounding up

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