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Aimée Price

Aimée Price (2005) afişi Facebook'ta Paylaş
8.3 / 10
3 oy

2005 - ABD


90 Dak.

Anastasia Drake Julien Roussel


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Aimée Price Film Konusu

I caught this movie at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival. It's about a woman who gives up a year of her life for a lifetime of happiness, then decides thirty years later she wants it back. It's a strong premise and fantastic realism is one of my favorite genres. The technical qualities are also very nice. Everything is lit and shot impeccably and I had assumed there were two actresses playing the character at different ages until I saw the make-up credits. Unfortunately, the script has a bunch of weak places where it seems like the writer had two ideas she wanted to get between but didn't know how to do so. Some things, like the exact nature of the deal when Aimée 's year is restored, aren't made clear enough. Also, the acting was rather in a bunch of spots, including from the lead. This sort of thing isn't necessarily the actors' fault. I'm not saying anyone is bad, just that they largely weren't great here. John Savage as the antiquarian is a notable exception. Overall, it was decent, but could have been a lot better with some more experience put into it. This was a first film for the director (and writers, for that matter) and it shows.